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The Better Burleigh Bureau
Interview with DA man.

Here it is. I know that its not very well-edited, but between writing papers for school and taking random trips to Texas, I havent had much time to work on it.
b= Burleigh
m= Melissa

He says Um and UHhh a lot in this interview.
Just read it and be happy. Swoon over it.

Burleigh-(lots of noise..some confusion about how to actually make the recorder work) There we go. ok. Heyy there we go..

M- oh...ok...first question!

Burleigh- Uhhh. no, actually I, I pretty much came up with that myself ehhh...uhh when i joined the band in august we only had like uhh like six days of practice, and not really a--a keyboard player--like I could play violin and guitar mostly and I sing uhhh...and everbody kinda plays around the keyboard a little bit but umm....uhh, so the six days of practice I just spent like, learning how to play keyboard AND learning all the songs so it was really like 10 or 12 hours a day like, 6 days in a row. It was really hectic. and we actually didnt uhh practice "theres a fire" --which is the song where the tambourine dance is so famous from
*melissa giggle*
and theyre just like "yeah yeah, you just play tambourine on that..." and like i never really, i mean everbodys played tamborine before too, but, you know, its like kinda hard to make it SOUND good, you know? So i was like "ah, crap!" so ahhh...i guess i just decided that id better dance. you know, and ah..

M- its a beautiful dance.

B- thank you! is this your first time?

M-*slowly* for what?

B- seeing the dance? or..

m-oh no!

B-i didnt think so, ok but i was just makin sure...

m-everyones heard about it.


m-everyone knows it. we all know the dance....alright. next question! Is your tattoo of a naked lady?

b-noo its not. my arm tattoo is NOT a naked lady.

m-so what is it?

b- its ahhh its a umm. its a DEVIL, actuallly. its a green devil. here, ill show it to you so you can desCRIBE it to your friends later.

m-(slight pause, the noise of the recorder being moved) ok...hahaha!.......yeah, do you have any other tattoos? Hes unbuttoning his jacket. (random giggles, freebird blasting in the backround. ) Ohhhh....when'd you get it?

b-here, let me describe it.

m-yeah, ok.

b-ahh...its like a green devil from a, its from an old french wine poster that you can find at ANY FRAME SHOP anywhere. like, they probably have it at the one across the street. uuhh...ummm yeah it was the cover of my old band's first single, which damian actually put out...and uh, on the wine bottle it has my moms initials...(i must note that he said "moms initials" in the most proud voice ever.) So..

m- AW!

b- And everyone DOES think that its a naked lady, cause you dould only see the legs sticking out of the bottom, so...its a natural assumption. *GIGGLE*

m- do you like spaghetti oh's with or without the meatballs?

b- uhhh...i like em both ways actually. i--spaghettios are the kind of thing that i ferget that i like? um. uh...i recently bought a bunch cause we had a day off and uh i was in a Kroger, the grocery store, and uhhh i bought a bunch of spaghetti os cause its like a good uh--well like chef boyardee products cause theyre so.. its all the same STUFF you know its just like in different shapes or with different sause or whatever. So i bought a bunch of them, but, i like the meatballs. i mean i eat meat, and i like meat so ya know. i ususally get the meat raviolis or whatever you know so yeah...

m-why do you sign burleigh d?

b-oh uh.....well the question is about the D i assume?



m-well,-burleigh- yeah....

b- well, burleigh is my NAME...

m-yeah i pretty much...

b- and uhhhh *giggle*

m-im retardedddd

b- *giggle* uh, id like to apologize for freebird in the backround as well, i take this opportunity.
uummm...i dunno, mostly i put the D as the ahh mystery so people can talk about it. theres no perticular reason. i think i always wanted a D somewhere in my name and there isnt one in any of my names you know so...


b-you know...

m-what is your all-time favorite childhood memory? what is the one thing that you will remember for the rest of your life?

b-(pause) ha ha HA ha!
(backround laughter)

b- ohhh my favorite childhood memory? uhhhhhh...welp, i suppose when youre asked this kind of question, the persons looking for like a, somehow a defining moment in your life, you know? so...and thats kinda, thats kinda hard to pick out but, you know how you remember really random stuff from when you were little? like stuff thats not even really important and you dont know WHY you remember it, but its just like...interesting and like you remember, so ill tell you one of those!
like uhhh when i was in....kindergarten and first grade, uhm...we, i uhh was in spanish class,

m-first grade?!


m-holy crap...

b-welll i think it was....yeah, it was kindergarten and first grade, you know, we went to spanish class for like half an hour a day and then aft--and i was psyched to learn spanish, but after that the teacher like, quit or DIED or something...


b-sooo...we stopped HAVING spanish after that, you know, cause i guess they couldnt hire another teacher or something but...


b-anyways, so uhh Mrs. Romano--i remember, yeah--she always really liked me a lot and um....uhhh...i remember i...i know i just...i alwyas kind of goofed off in class in elementary school. i was always sort of more like the teachers they let me do whatever i wanted pretty much...*giggle* uh and one day friend kevin asked the teacher: mrs. romano, like how come burleigh gets to goof off in class and i dont? and she said........because burleigh can goof off and still get everything right.
so thats like a favorite childhood memory.
was that what you wanted, natalie?
*super long amounts of giggle*

m- what is the absolute best physical feeling in the world? *pause* yeeeah. blame her....

b- uhhhhh best physical feeling in the world. *long pause* wellll...there are a couple of good ones i uhh...i would have to say but, i really like wha---i dunno---the one thats most pertinant to uhhh being interviewd after a show i guess would be umm, uhh...when youre playing and its like when you REALLY like the song and like, the bands just totally clicking, like, like all five of us are just totally playing all together and the music just totallly comes together aaaaaaand really rocks, its like the most amazing thing, you know? its just like youre harnessing like this giant, collective like---i want to say conscious power or something like that. its partially that but its also like, like when youre in control of this mass of volume, you know? its like, you DONT get it so much when you play keyboard, but like, when you play guitar, and lik--thats one thing i had to adjust to playing keyboard was um, that when the big loud like kickass part came in, i wasnt playing that part...
*giggles from the girls*
i was playing like....DEE-DOO-DOO-DEE-DOO
--the recorder stops at this moment-- we go. yeah, i was so used to playing like know...being like the loud rockin dude, now im not, but ive learned to enjoy it in different ways know. so ima say that.

m- ok. so, what is something that scares you? like, something that really frightens you?

b-hmmmmmmm.....something that really freaks me out.....*random mumbling in the backround that i cant make out* yeah.
heres the ending part...yeah yeah
hee something that freaks me out.
UHhhhh...i think im prolly really freaked out by DROWNING. im not very good at SWIMMING. ive never HAVE been. and i dont MIND...uhh--its not like im paranoid of water or something...and like i will GO swimming and all that but, like ive just, like i dont relaly have much body fat so i DONT FLOAT AT ALL so its like a supreme effort to like.--and im not in the best shape, you know? so it like, takes a LOT of effort to like STAY ABOVE THE WATER till i get tired, and if im like too far from the edge of the pool ill like, kinda start freakin out, so im like shit! you know, cause i cant make myself GO very fast, you know?
*giggles from the girls*
that and like all the things in the ocean freak me out. you know like--i mean swimmin in pools is cool, but its like when i go to the beach like its like....SANDY and HOT and theres STUFF in the water you knowwwitslike*said while giggling and followed by underterminable mumbling* but being at the beach is fun too. quiet* allright...alright.

m- what do you think about all of the published burleigh love?

b- all the WHAT?!

m- published BURLEIGH love!

b- oh! published! ahh...i appreciate it. i think its cool. is a little weird uhh...i mean i...not in a bad way though, i mean. im used to uhhh, like damian has like, 25 million fan sites, you know? WHICH is cool, you know, thats like HIS deal, and i think he....*pause*...hes more that kinda guy, i would say that would -have- websites, and stuff like that, you konw? i mean, do you konw what im saying?

girls- yeahmumblemumble yeah...

b- uhhh...i think he might encourage it a little bit more than i do...does that make sense? i think uhh its very flattering obviously. umm. and its nice to br recognized, i guess...uh. and since imean ive never had a fanclub before or anything *the words you know what i mean infused with giggle*
i mean its its...its cool. it makes me smile. you know. so. you know. have the best laugh. everyone thinks so...did people love it when you were little?

b- uhhh i feel like ive laughed differently at different times in my life. ummm.


b-cause i remember making a conscience decision at oine point like, when i was in 6th grade or soemthing, to laugh differently...

m- wow...

b-you should try it sometime! like, its kinda....

m-somethign something cant somethign LAUGH...

b- but you know what i mean?! like, youre like ok, i HATE the way that one sounds, im just NOT going to do it anymore?

(melissa laughter)
b- you know?

m- yeah!

b- uhhh...and i dont remember when i changed it was prolly like uh i seen some comedy special on tv or something like that and i was like man, that guy has a great laugh. so i decided to laugh like HEARRRARHAAAAEAA! you know? or something really really stupid like that. andd...i dunno why...the, i guess they way i laugh now wasnt really a conscience decision or anything, i just, i...i dunno....people make fun of it all the time

m- NO! its finnnee!

b- but kind of a sarcastic person, you know, ill say stuff and kinda be like heeheheeh, and kinda giggle, and then Daim will always be like HEEHEHEH you im kind of, im kind of conscience of it....and uh...i dunno. i dont think about it TOO much, so...

m- alright! cool...umm...where am i? alright..


m-what is moopie?........if i can even pronounce it right...

b- Moo-pee? moo-pie?


b- i dont know what that is, natalie. *giggle*


b- moo-pee?

girls- why is that even a question?

m- I DONT KNOW! mop-ee?


girls-i dont.....i wouldnt....i dunno....blah blah blah...

b- is this some kind of sick inside joke, natalie?

girls- giggles

b- i dont know.

m- alright...if you had superpowers, what would they be?

b- well OBVIOUSLY i would want to be aqua man. ummm.....and what would i do with thum?

m- oh...and what would...your superhero be?

b- oh uh....could i be aquaman? *heeeeeeeeehehehehehehhehehe*

m- its aready TAKEN...

b- um....and aquaLAD was already taken, and taht was his little sidekick. yeah...


b- you dont REMBER that?
b-hehehe...the justice league!
b- taht old cartoon?
m- no.
b-the justice league of america?
m-i dnot know....uh....i dont KNOWWW..
b- .i dont know what a good name would be. id have to think about that. yeah....ill think about it and somebody could email me maybe...hehehe!

m- you ahve any weird talents? like....

b- um. not really. i dont have too many like--like i cant touch my nose with my toungue...uhhh...i cant wiggle my ears. i can move both my eyebrows independently.
(obviously doing a demonstration.)
oh nono wait!

girls- laughter

no wait! nonononono...i can like blink my eyes independently, thats it. a lot of people can do that.

m- i can do that...

b- i know but like, a lot of people i know CANT though....can you do it?

m- uhhh

b- can YOU do it? (to another girl)

laughter and mumbling...melissa saying it looks like yer tweakin!
b-yeah, no, its not like a....even close to some sort (quick breakoff)
girls mumbling

b- Ohh oh my wings are

waiter- order 411?

b- um, yeah, thats me!

waiter-extra ketchup...

b-theeerrrre ya go!

waiter- (something about bones) spicy garlic sauce.

b-awesome...thank you so much. ok, yeah...ok now we have eahhhhh. ive had friends taht couldnt blink their eyes independently and they thought it was really upsetting, thats about the only thing.

m-whats your one pet peeve?

b-umm...yeah uh. CROWDS. i hate.. like if im trying ta- like if youve ever gone to a street festival and theyre all these fucking people in the way and you just want to go over there and they wont move. and thats kinda when...i wouldnt..

girls giggling

someone interrupting


b-ahh! im being interviewed.

dan- yer all like soooo! tahts why it works like THISSS..

b- *giggle*

dan- its AMAZING with algorithms!


dan- i just bought a bunch of wings and hot sauce!

b-oh really?

dan- you chowin?


m-hes hungry!, im sayin my tap...


girls laugh

burleigh laughs.

dan leaves.

b-no, i would say that my pet peeves u mmm are definately crowds, and then...its not really an independent pet peeve, but tied in with the crowd pet peeve when im IN a crowd, and people are walking slowly. like fat people that walk slowly in the crowds are like the worst because you cant get around them.

m&girls- yeahhh!

b-perticularly like....OH MAN, when youre at one of those like food festival like street fair things, and you just want to like, get over to the fish tent and get some of that and theres this whole fat family in the way thats walking slowly!
i have very, i have vivid memories of being mad at that so, none of you really need to BE here, sooooo... LIKE YOU KNOWHOHO?!?

m-hahah...alright...*talking to someone else*like...whereee?

b-but fat people in general dont bother me...haha! im sayin....when im trying to get to the fish tent, ahahh you know what im sayin?

m- get OUT of the way!


m- when will you come back to the boards?

b- oh, the message boards? uh, well...we were all on the boards at the same time because uh..the beginning of january because we were in the studio recording covers. i dunno if this has all benn explained to everybody..


b- oh ok. um, so...and i dont know if youve ever been to a recording session, but theres a WHOLE lot of nothin goin on most of the time. it will be like one person playing, and the other 4 people listening sort not paying attention if you dont want to, and yer there for so long everydaythat like...ummmmmm theres not much to DO. and...cosingin to that jorge had made those topics for us to that its like a question for each one of us... uhhhh which gave us an excuse to go on there. AND there was a computer with a dsl there, but--it was just in the ohter room so, you know, you could just be like ahhhh im bored. im gonna go answer more questions. was atually really was awesome to-

dan- ahhheeehooo burleigh...hes a FREAK and....hes TOTALLY HOMOSEXUAL..


m- WHAT?
b-eeeeah....and DANS an H-mo.

dan- agdhahha!

everyone laughs.

dan- totally cool with his homo-ocity..


dan- just kidding

b- the donnas drum tech used the term h-mo today. which i hadnt heard in SO LONGGGHAH....LIKE I WAS LIKE what. OH MY GAHAHAD!

dan- something this interview

b and girls laughing

dan laughing

m- wowwww...

b- so ehhhh....

dan (in the distance)- IM COMIN BAAACKK!

b- so and uh i had a really good time all that stuff on the message board. the problem is when we are on tour, like, were never nnear a phone line. ummm i mean, we go to the hotel when we come into town, anddddd you know, were there for like an hour, then we come to the club, and well go to the hotel like for an hour after we leave here and uhhh..
(really close to the microphone)
i think dans drunk...
NO! hes flirting with the waitress...


*in a really incredulous voice*
what is he DOOOin?! hes like...following her IAROUNDHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH.
soooo yeahhhh....i mean id love to love to post more on the board but uh becaseu you have to be online to do it...its like, i mean i have an email program so i can load my email and just answer it whenever, but, since you have to BE online to do the board, unfortunately were not on it as much..

m- mumblemumble next time youre in the buffalo area, will you let natalie take you out to lunch?

b- take her out to lunch.

m-take YOU out to lunch...

b- no, i think natalies very nice. um. annd ummm...i suppose we could go out to eat. like, i dont know if i would be in town in time for lunch, but uhhh...yeah...

m-what about -after- the show...

b-i do like to eat, yeah....sooooo

girls laughter

b-Hyeahehe...its a possibility. HAHahahah

m-do you think shes creepy?

b- NO no! i think shes nice.

m- if you were any kind of animal, what would you be?

b (immediatly) i would be a cat. i think cats are really cool. uh...


b- what what?

m- that THING..

b-you dont like animals?

m-i like animals, i just dont like cats.

b-ohhhh. thats why i like em though. becasue they seem so devious all the time.

girls- yeahhhhhh. its true. i would be a dog...dogs are ver...ALright. last but not least...what would you like to say to your fanclub?

b--OOoh. this is the kind of stuff i should have thought about today while i was walking around. i figured--i had a feeling a question like that was coming, um. so uhhh........HEHEheheh.....uh.....AHahahaha.....i just uh, this is just making me think of like, all of these uh.. all the advice tim has written me. tim has this habit of umm--damian used to do it more but he dosent so much now--tim will just like RANDOMLY sign stuff of mine or other peoples..with like, a little motivational message on it. like, ill get back to my bunk and like, my magazine will say--you know it will have his signature REALLY big across the cover, or it will be like...keep aiming for the top! love, tim norwind. you know?

girls laugh

b-so...YOUKNOWHahah?! its pretty funny. uh...i guess if i could play that joke on all of my uh....all of my followers....i would do that. thats a really lame answer, so...

m-you can make it up if you want.

b-so...ill email natalie a better one if i think of one.

m- and...i think thats IT.


m- thank was a very nice interview!


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