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The Better Burleigh Bureau
Sweetheart you'll find..

So.  This fanclub was born.  It's not completely finished, so don't be all like "ewwwwww, this is stupid."  I have more on the way.  But for now, you will have to live with this picture.

Sooooooo big!
Oh, the sweet ballet of one tambourine man...

I stole every single one of these quotes off of the OkGo message boards. The people there are so kind.
Oh, Burleigh.

When OK Go wants to rock, not just in the normal sense, but desires to take the sounds to heights not yet seen by mortals, Burleigh D. and his mighty tambourine are summoned from the hills of Rohan. This being said, aren't we all officially part of OK Go?

Most of the time, my socks do match. Since I either wear boots or hightops, my sock collection consists entirely of white crew socks. I have bought so many pairs of them and have been on the road for so long that some of them by necessity don't match. (We all know about Sam Planet's sock fetish) I try whenever possible, however, to keep them matched.
( Editor's note: Oh really? Sam Planet's? I suppose he would then be Burleigh Go?)

I would rather be a cat than a dog. I've always been a cat person, so I think it would be great to check out the world from the other side. Mostly, I think I would like to be my old cat, Socks. He was all black, with white feet, white stomach, and long white whiskers. Yes, I named him after the Ramona Quimby book. Yes, I am a nerd. He was the coolest cat ever.

On the street the other day; "Where are your pants dude?"

The first interview.
A short, friendly, to the point interview. Its just the basics...

1) when is your birthday?
My birthday is June 27, 1976. Im a cancer, beginning of the moon cycle I believe, and Im as moody as Im supposed to be.

2) where do you currently reside?
I currently live in Washington, DC in a beautiful fin de ciecle apartment building with a great view of the capital, white house, pentagon, washington memorial and everything else in this fine city that might be destroyed soon.

3) what is your middle name?
My middle name is Thomas, my great-grandfathers name.

4) how did you become so damned talented?
I am so damn talented due to the awesome ammount of skim milk I consumed as a child. My dad worked for the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) and was a food pyramid freak when I was little. Not much protein and lots of carbohydrates. I guess this makes up for my copious consumption of meat products these days.

5) how did you start your gig with OK Go?
Damian called me up one day I August last year and asked me if I wanted to try out to play keyboard for OK Go. I had gone to see them play for years, and had been friends with Damian and Andy since high school. (We played in a band called Load for about a year) I flew out to Chicago and everything went great at practice. It felt really natural to be playing with them again. A few days later, they offered me the job of keyboard master in the best band in the world. The rest is rock history....

More to come...
much MUCH more to come.

More pictures on the way.  I have thousands.  Im just lazy.  Sorry.