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The Better Burleigh Bureau
Where he B?

Where Burleigh is hangin out...what he's doing.  All that good stalkeresque stuff that goes along with being a fanclub.

The Obvious...Ok Go shows.

Go see him if you haven't already.  He may be hopping to a town near you.
see the okgo website for tourdates.

Current Rolling Stone Issue

Hey!  As you all may know, Ok Go is in this month's Rolling Stone.  Burleigh is in it as well.  This must mean one thing:  HES IN THE FREAKIN BAND.
I don't know the exact page yet, sorry.  My school's Barnes and Noble has  a problem with their magazines. 
Go buy this Rolling Stone if you don't already subscribe, cut out the picture of Burleigh and paste it to your monitor.

...smellin like BurBurleigh colognnnnneeee