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Pat Adams!
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The formative years...

On this page I'll describe my star's life and career: the successes and failures, the joys and sorrows.
OR NOT. Im sorry, people. Im not about to go around asking Mr. Adams all about every damn thing that happened in his life. Im mostly just going to talk about how i think that he is great. For christ sake, i just met him in APRIL. I dont even CARE about failures and sorrows.....cause mostly all i care about is how hott/sexy/fun/amazing/wonderful/fun/witty/charming/huggable Pat is. Isnt that all YOU care about?

*coming soon*

Oh Pat!

Birthday: April 7th, 1984
Occupation: subcontractor, rockstar
Family: Dad, Russ Adams. 2 sisters, Megan and Ashley. He also has a Debbie, who rocks the fruit salad with little marshmallows in it.
Favorite Movie: Tron
Pet Peeve: Fat chicks.