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The Better Burleigh Bureau
Biotic Burleigh

And so it goes...
Talent alllllllllll over the place

Name:  Burleigh Thomas Seaver
Birthday:  June 27th
Location:  On tour.  Home is D.C.
Fact:  Skim milk made him so rocktastic.

Burleigh Seaver.  A quality guy with values, morals, and a good home life all in one.
Actually...I have no idea.
I just think he's adorable.  And really nice.  And damned talented.
THINK about it.
What does Burleigh do?  Everything.  He moves about the stage like a champ, hittin everything from keyboards, drums, tambourines, guitars, and microphones. Don't deny.  He even has first-class dancing skills.
So, Sharon and I were driving home from Toronto at 4am, when we just all of a sudden decided to make the Better Burleigh Bureau, because dammit, we liked him.  Sure, we may not have gone to 32986726 OK Go shows, we haven't even been fans for that long,  but none of this matters to us.
We all have the B-love.
I just happend to be bored enough to throw it out onto the internet.
So, Burleigh found out about this fanclub through random wonderful people telling him at shows.  I must look really creepy, because SOMEHOW I manage to get someone to say hello to him for me.  Or give him something I made.  Or have him talk to me on the telephone.  Creeeeeeepy.
Go forth and spread the love.  It's your duty.

nat: when is your birthday? B: juuuuuuuuuuuuunte 27th.