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The Better Burleigh Bureau
Shake it fast

hey. life is hard. sometimes there just isnt enough time during summer.
i miss burleigh, and i miss YOU. ive been working on some little things for the site, its just a matter of getting them up on this damn slow computer. just because im a procrastinator dosent mean that i love burleigh any less that i have before.
to those of you who sent profiles to me but i havent posted them: worry not. i found all of the lost profiles. look for your number soon. goodnight my dearies.

I know that its a day early, but for advance notice.......HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the dearest tambourine player of them all, one mister Burleigh Thomas Seaver. To him we wish the finest day of them all. Because people as great as he deserve a wonderful day full of GOOD THINGS. Drink a Manhattan for me, Burleigh. In fact, drink one for everyone in the BBB.
Have a lovely friday, dude.

hey everyone.  i havent updated in a long long time due to school and finals and registering.
So anyways.
Ive been hearing good stories from everyone, and that makes me happy.  I recently recieved an email from one of the people at Arizona State (?) stating how wonderful Burleigh was.  When I get her permission, ill put that up here.
New members....all that crap.  hopefully this will all be over soon and i can get back to my computer addiction.

Pictures are up!  Go look, dudes and dudettes.  Cowabunga.

You will find him:
-in st.louis rollin on dubs. (well, not really.  Not that we KNOW of, anyways.)
-bustin out melodies on the keyboard
-doin the tambourine dance ALL NIGHT LONG.  all night strong.
-singin backup Oooh's
-rippin up the geetar
-bangin on drums
-makin the ladies swoooooon with his boyish charm.

Why Burleigh?
You already KNOW why.
You know, or else you wouldn't be here.
All you have to do is look at him.
Lookie lookie.


He's adorable. He gives good hugs. He's absolutely wonderful to everyone he talks to. He asks quetions about you. He talks to people he dosen't even know on the telephone when you ask him to, just to be nice. He has smooth hands. He will run to the bus to get gum when your breath is funky. He does the freakin hop-around tambourine dance, the muscle flex, and THAT GIGGLE LAUGH.

You all know it. Heart heart.


So for all these things and more, let's start givin some R-E-S-P-E-C-T to the Burleezie.

Fo sheezie.