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The Better Burleigh Bureau


MLP and Yo! 87

Burleigh, Damian, and Andy were all friends in high school.  This much we know.
But did you all know that they were involved in the shennanigans of the infamous Malt Liquor Posse?
Yes, it's true.  They had a group of friends that called themselves the Malt Liquor Posse in the early 90's.  I don't know what the significance of putting this up on the site IS, per se....I think I'm just assuming that everyone will find it as humorous as I did.
Oh, but the hilarity dosen't stop there...
From this MLP spawned a smaller, more intimate group:  Yo! 87.
Damian, Burleigh, Andy, and a few others made up a clique of people that were named after Burleigh's purple jacket that looked like it was from 1987.

Googlizing Burleigh
some of these are incredibly stupid, and others are very nice.  I suppose that is the point of this googlizing business.
We at the BBB don't necessarily find these statements to be true, nor do we claim them to be.  Except for those that are bolded.  Ahhaha.  Bolded.  Is that a word?

burleigh is speaking of a woman blinded by loss and regret
burleigh is a first class person
burleigh is available for commissions
burleigh is available for workshops
burleigh is a wonderful
burleigh is one of them
burleigh is popular with all ages for its village
burleigh is using model cells from rats to study very early events when the parasite infects cells
burleigh is more interested in the history of ideas than in social history
burleigh is dated 1582
burleigh is not the only reviewer to misspell
burleigh is available for school visits as part of the book council's writers in schools programme
burleigh is 799 united nations plaza
burleigh is really a sleepy coastal town under a tourist
burleigh is of assyrian heritage and spent a year in baghdad as a child
burleigh is a detached house built at the beginning of the century
burleigh is the author of the third reich
burleigh is ideally located in the centre of australia's favourite holiday destination and playground
burleigh is supposed to be too full of state affairs to utter a word; he shakes his head
burleigh is approximately 2080
burleigh is interested in the intersection of traditional art forms and high technology
burleigh is quite correct that corporate employers do not give benefit s to be nice
burleigh is a nice people kinda place
burleigh is tied for 14th with a 73 following day one of the ncaa fall preview
burleigh is tied for 25th after two days at the ncaa fall preview
burleigh is the pick of the gold coast
burleigh is especially looking forward to playing at the sydney opera house
burleigh is focused on
burleigh is considering several other promising concepts to achieve the objectives of the
burleigh is standing there

burleigh is famed nationally and internationally
burleigh is currently a contributor to time magazine covering congress
burleigh is well
burleigh is home to a large industrial and shopping park where you can find almost anything
burleigh is renowned for its good surfing beach and its regular hosting of surfing and ironman competitions
burleigh is certainly one of the best
burleigh is a winning combination
burleigh is renowned for its good surfing beach and its regular hosting of surfing and iron
burleigh is ready to welcome the quondam coiner
burleigh is the 7
burleigh is trying to prepare the gators for
burleigh is a double diamond leader
burleigh is a character in janeway's holodeck program; father of henry and beatrice
burleigh is the former time magazine white house correspondent
burleigh is the author
burleigh is the first county to use the technology in north dakota
burleigh is
burleigh is more likely to use a pda
burleigh is not worried they will come up short this season
burleigh is no mediocrity
burleigh is a wine
burleigh is so calm and professional
burleigh is like a breath of fresh air on a subject where everyone thinks they know all there is to know about it
burleigh is said to look like
burleigh is an incredible wave
burleigh is a leading supplier of dwdm wavelength measurement instruments and precision positioning equipment
burleigh is here for a few days
burleigh is the author of many picture books
burleigh is within easy driving access to the major theme parks
burleigh is less successful than friedlander in his attempts to move back and forth between the levels of policy formulation and implementation
burleigh is excited at the opportunity to get some more redemption
burleigh is based
burleigh is a member of aipp for reasonable rates and beautiful photography
burleigh is a working farm with two hundred year old stone buildings of historical interest
burleigh is organically certified
burleigh is spoiling her with his humor and wonderful history books
burleigh is not a friend of nuance and qualification; he states his judgments bluntly
burleigh is a 4yo chestnut gelding by grand lodge from anne and was ridden by wayne kerford
burleigh is unlikely to be in school this term due to illness
burleigh is miami's career shutout leader with seven
burleigh is a first class person

The Burbaby laugh

Oh, the sweet laugh of Burleigh. You have all heard it, you think about it, you swoon over it. Sigh.
So, you're sittin/standing/dancing around in some random dark club, miding your business, when over walks Burleigh with his spiral notebook and pen asking you if you are on the mailing list yet. He is the one that recruits the mailing list people, because he is that guy.
Why, of course I'm on the mailing list... you say, but you decided to join it again anyways, for pity's sake.
So, you get to talking to him about nothing in perticular. Blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda....
when someone says something FUNNY.

Heah heah heah heeheheheah.

It alone makes you laugh. But you're laughing with it, not AT it.
It sounds like the giggle of the bully in elementary school laughing at the fat kid in dodgeball.
cackle + giggle = music to everyone's ears.

Official handshake

yeah.  So I taught the man this handshake.  It's a good handshake; not too complicated, but not so simple that it looks pathetic.  The only hard thing is the thumb snap at the end.
As soon as I get someone to take pictures of step-by-step instructions, you will be able to practice in the comfort of your own home.
But untill must go on living your life without knowing.
I mean, I could write you a process-analysis essay, but thats BORING, and I'm way too lazy. 

Tambourine Showdown: Burleigh vs. Davy Jones (The Monkees)

Two great tambourine players, only one can survive. I, personally, think Burleigh would STOMP Davy Jones, mostly because Davy has a mullet now (if you don't know who Davy Jones is, then you have a problem. You've obviously never watched Nick@Nite when you were a youngin. Or VH1 a few years ago. I don't blame you for the latter, because NOBODY watches VH1. Except me. When I'm bored). Unibrow = good, mullet = bad. Hello Davy? yeah...hi. the 80's here. Ummmm yeahhhhh...I just want to let you know that we need our haircut back. Asap.
Plus, Burleigh is full of other talents as well. Davy just sang in a British accent. Sucker.
In corner #1..... wearing the silly ass red shirt with those 6 stupid, pointless buttons on the front, and some striped corduroy flared pants, is the challenger. David Jones, of The Monkees fame. (if you don't know who Davy Jones is, then you have a problem. You've obviously never watched Nick@Nite when you were a youngin. Or VH1 a few years ago. I don't blame you for the latter, because NOBODY watches VH1. Except me. When I'm bored) Davy is known for his extensive tambourine skills in the 60's. Not only did he have the ultra-neato-groovy tambourine swivel/swagger, he was the only guy in the Monkees who actually PLAYED an instrument. Talent. Raw skillz. You can almost taste the passion he has, tambourine in GO postion, ready to rumble with any kid who thinks he's got more than what it takes to SHAKE IT FAST.
In corner #2....Burleigh Seaver. The man of the hour. Sittin at his keyboard silently. What is he looking at? We don't know. The only thing we know for sure is that he's going to tear down the house with his dancing/singing/clapping/muscle flexing. Davy had better watch out for the secret weapon...
Dun dun dunnnnnnn....
The Almighty Tambournie Dance. Everyone loves it. It can never be stopped. The quick moves of this youngster rival anything Davy did back in the day.
Burleigh would skool Davy. It's just a known fact. I mean, Davy Jones was the tambourine love of my when I was 5. It would be funny to see mullet Davy and Burleigh jumping around some random stage, having a tambouring war. It would be extremely noisy. I would laugh.

Miss Sharon's thoughts on B-love:  yeah... it's like a zest... or irish spring soap commericals